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Zane Digital Marketing is an online marketing company in Singapore that helps businesses grow their online presence. We help brands increase website traffic, get leads and drive more sales. We provide sales and marketing solutions, such as international and local SEO services in Singapore, social media marketing, copywriting, and web design.

Zane Digital Marketing Reviews
Lily Loh
Lily LohLilo Ikan Bilis
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"Thank you Zane Digital Marketing for providing a comprehensive analysis of domain analysis and keywords report. With that, Lilo is able to stay abreast of market and trends. With the report, Zane Digital Marketing also recommended more keywords so that Lilo achieve a better search ranking in SEO. Thank you so much!"
Esther Vincent
Esther VincentThe Tiger Moth Review
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"Thank you Zane Digital Marketing for your consultation service: keywords analysis for my independent journal, #thetigermothreview It was useful to know what keywords internet users search for, and also how there seems to be a general lack of interest (at least according to keyword searches) in the arts and the environment in Singapore, which all the more strengthens my resolve and belief in The Tiger Moth Review's vision to create a space that champions eco-conscious conversations between literary and visual arts."
Zu Sams
Zu SamsBeadsyBites
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"Many thanks to Zane Digital Marketing for the extensive domain analysis and keywords research! It helps BeadsyBites to see what ways we can improve our website to engage more visitors, and most importantly, for them to view and purchase our products. Thank you so much!"
Sharlynn Ooi
Sharlynn OoiLXIX Athletica
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"Zane Digital Marketing was very thorough and super helpful in our consultation with regards to SEO optimization and keywords research for my brand LXIX Athletica! I love that they even provide detailed tables to show & compare the potential/popularity of key terms in order to boost my brand further. Thank you so much!"


The Founder

Vincent Praise Zane Digital Marketing CEO

Vincent praise

Managing Director

SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Certified by SEMRush Academy

Vincent Praise (also known by her artist name "Scarlet") is an entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist, and coach.

In 2013, one of her YouTube videos on her channel went viral with over half a million views. This sparked her interest in marketing and she wanted to learn more and apply this to her future business endeavours.

Back then, she was still a student in Republic Polytechnic, and a part time guitar instructor. She wanted to teach guitar in schools and start her own music company, so she enrolled for Rockschool Grade 8 in Electric Guitar as a private candidate in 2014 as she was self-taught. After obtaining a merit, she proceeded to teach in primary schools as a music enrichment instructor.

She proceeded to start her own music company Guitar Avenue SG, which was her first business endeavour. She did everything from scratch, such as learning how to build websites, designing banners, creating content, social media marketing and SEO.

In 2016, she started recording guitar covers and shared them on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. She started marketing her Instagram account @scarlet.vincent in 2017. Her followers increased from barely 1,000 to more than 30,000 followers.

In the beginning, she had to do her own public relations and build relationships with brands and companies. Over time, her online popularity grew and brands started approaching her to promote their products in the form of sponsorship or paid ads.

People from her social network started asking her how she managed to grow her account so quickly, and she started another company called Scarlet Social Media in 2018. The company focused on Instagram marketing, and has successfully helped brands increase their following by more than 400% within a month.

In 2017, she also started an online e-commerce guitar store The Guitar Yard, which has more than 4,000 organic followers on Instagram. Her store is also in the top 12% in terms of website traffic according to Shopify's statistics ever since the date of launch. The Guitar Yard has successfully gained an online web presence on Pinterest with more than 80,000 monthly visits, and her online store ranks on the 1st page of Google for relevant search terms. She has then closed it to focus on her digital marketing businesses.

In 2019, she rebranded Scarlet Social Media to Zane Digital Marketing to provide more marketing solutions to businesses. This includes SEO, Facebook marketing, copywriting and web design services. She and her dedicated team of experts have helped various companies run marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness.

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